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Harnessing Pinterest for your business

If you’re like me, you’re hearing Pinterest everywhere you turn. I decided to explore it from various perspectives and posted a deconstruction of the site yesterday. I hope it helped you see beyond the hype & scary stories of copyright infringement.

Of course, I’m not in the business of social media, I’m in the business of real estate which, at its core, is about lead generation. So the question for me is how to harness the power of Pinterest as a marketing tool? Well, to catch a squirrel-chaser, you’ve got to think like a squirrel-chaser (Your reading this indicates that you probably already have a firm grasp of that particular skill.) So let’s take a moment to think about what shiny objects grab your attention the fastest and hold it the longest. Take 30 seconds to list a few – I’ll wait here to make sure you don’t get distracted & leave… Ok, welcome back. As I wrote yesterday, Pinterest is the intersection of many sites you’re probably already using, so now I want you to think about the advice you’ve gotten about using those individual sites.

  • That session at the tech camp told you to do _____ on Facebook.
  • Your notes from the mastermind you attended say you should use Twitter as ______.
  • The webinar on blogging said the way to get your blog seen is to _____.
  • The leads you got through social media came when you ______.

While you’re working on filling in the blanks with what you know works, let me share with you some of the ideas I’ve come up with for turning this squirrel into a squirrel trap:

  • Bloggers have long been writing reviews of local businesses. How about taking a picture of the restaurant owner in front of her business & using the 500-character comment section to let people get to know her & how she approaches food. Take a photo of some of the regulars at the local watering hole on a Friday night and ask them why they love the place. Be sure to link each quote to the person’s Pinterest page when you do. Do the same with communities or condo complexes.
  • Familiar with geocaching? Instead of using GPS coordinates, take photos of more obscure areas around town (the big oak at the dog park, the cashier stand of a favorite boutique, or a recently-renovated subway station) and post them with a date & time. The first 5 or 10 people to find you & say your business tagline get a prize. Then take a photo of you with the winners & tag their page. If it’s the boutique, get them to sell you gift cards for half-price in exchange for the marketing. Be sure to stay even after you’re out of prizes to establish or strengthen relationships.
  • Be positive! Catch people doing something right and post their pic with a blurb about their good deed – especially government employees or dedicated volunteers.
  • Photos of your clients in front of their new house – with a testimonial.
  • Pics of the latest must-have gadgets, or tips for improving / decorating / staging a home. Make the board open for others to contribute their ideas, too.
  • Photos from your client appreciation party, sharing what the person means to you.
  • Don’t just LIST your vendors, take pictures of them, their business, or their work.
  • Put your vision board out there for everyone to see and help you achieve.
  • Have people submit their baby’s photo or a funny pet pic, then set up a poll on your business’s Facebook page so people can vote for their favorite. The winner gets _____.

Ok, so now that you’ve had time to think, what ideas have you come up with?