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Why you need Google Voice – TODAY!

There are only a few programs or services I recommend with the same fervor as I do Google Voice (“GV”). Let me lay out the case:

0.5 – Before I get started, the first point: IT’S FREE!!!

1. You get to pick your own number – My name is Kale, so the last 4 digits of my GV number spell out KALE. Easy to remember & reinforce your brand or line of work.

2. You determine where it rings – Send it to your cell phone while you’re out. Send calls to your desk phone when you’re in the office. Have GV simultaneously ring your home, cell, and mobile device if you want the convenience of deciding as the phone is ringing.

3. Since you determine where it rings, your clients get seamless service when you’re away – Getting ready to go on that cruise with the family? Program it to send your calls to a colleague’s phone. A programmable setting allows you to determine whether Caller ID shows the caller’s number or your GV number, so change it to the GV number & ask your colleague to answer any calls showing that number as if they’re sitting at your desk. For example, if your client is expecting you, “John Doe,” you can ask “Mary Lamb” to answer “John Doe’s office, Mary speaking” instead of “This is Mary.” How’s THAT for professional?!?

4. Transcribed voicemails – Set your phone to send calls to GV voicemail instead of your provider’s voicemail, and a transcribed copy of the message will be sent to you via text message and/or email. This will help you determine if you need to drop everything & return the call or if it can wait (80/20 focus at its finest). If by email, the sound file will be attached. No more “I never said that!” when you can email them the sound of their own voice.

5. No more fat-fingering or misdialing a number found online – Download the GV extension for your web browser (which, IMHO, should be Google Chrome anyway), and when a phone number appears on a webpage, simply click it to call. A pop-up will ask you which phone you would like GV to ring, and once you’ve answered the phone specified, GV automatically dials the number for you. You can’t possibly get through your database touches any faster than when you bring up the next contact in your database program as your current call is winding down. Say “Goodbye,” hit the “Connect” button in the pop-up window, and you’re speaking with the next contact faster than answering call-waiting.

6. Define groups & have each hear a customized message and/or ring to a different location – Have your current clients to come to you immediately, but people who are not listed in your address book go to voicemail or be screened (where they are asked to say their name so you can decide whether to take the call). Not a problem. In the cold-calling zone? Send everyone except those marked as “Prospects” directly to voicemail.

Have you signed up yet? If not, go to and get started right now.