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Welcome to my little dot on the internet map

I’m glad you’ve found me! I hope this website will provide you with useful tips, tools, tricks, and technology to help you make life a little easier. So much of the technological advances we have today were designed to help the user take back a little part of his or her day, so that time could be spent with family – birth or chosen. Unfortunately, we often choose to use these advances as a crowbar to help us fit more and more into our schedule. At the end of the day, we’re just as exhausted as we were before we implemented the technological advances, and we’re usually a little more stressed because of frustrations with the thing that was supposed to bring us peace!

A little about me: My parents spawned a love affair about 1986 when they bought me my first computer. It was an IBM PS/2 Model 25. It cost $1700, had two 3.5″ floppy disc drives, and VERY little internal memory. I’ve always had a heightened curiosity about how things work, and a computer was no different. I did everything possible to see if I could “break” it, only so I could “fix” it back. Since then, I’ve played with every kind of computer I could possibly get my hands on.

In 1995 I graduated with a BS in Accounting and continued working with computers (and humans when necessary) at the hospital where I was employed. In 2006 I began a career in the telecommunications industry, installing and turning up equipment in central offices across the state. Eventually I would be Second Engineer for the largest captive (lab) telecommunications switch in the world, and would go on to supervise the installation of testing equipment into telecom companies around the world. In 2000, I took a job in education, training engineers how systems worked and how to implement them on customer premises. One of the largest technology companies in the world would soon tap me to be part of an instructional design team and then part of a two-man training team, where we had the honor of being the first trainers ever contracted to teach their engineers how their own equipment worked.

At the (sudden) end of the dot-com era, I went through a period in a different industry before finding the career that fits me like a glove – real estate. Now I serve my fellow agents as the Market Center Technology Coordinator, and I hope to bring you some of the tips and tricks I teach my fellow agents so they can improve productivity and reduce stress.