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Publishing the new Intranet’s Calendar online

Google CalendarOur Market Center is one of 4 MCs owned by our OP. Prior to this year, we had a Google Calendar with inbound links from all 4 office calendars. The Google calendar was better than the WebOffice calendar for publishing at that time, so it became the single point of entry for our training & office events.

After going live on the new intranet, we found the built-in calendar to be superior to Google’s. The dilemma now was how to have a publicly-available calendar (i.e. Google) without making our DOFI enter every event twice. That’s when I decided to go play around, and somehow I managed to discover this method. Granted, it looks somewhat convoluted – just remember you only have to do it once and your office calendar will be kept up-to-date and published through Google Calendar (which can then be embedded into your office’s external website). I would hope that I don’t have to include the step “create a Google account for the office” before you start this.

  1. From the Intranet:
    1. Click Calendar.
    2. Click Subscribe, located to the right of the month/year.
    3. The first option is Office Calendar, which is for all office, training, and community events. In that section, click the link marked Setup Now – Create a new subscription link to create a link for users to subscribe via iCal.
    4. The text will change to “Subscription Active” and provide a link. Copy this link to your clipboard.
  2. On your Google Calendar:
    1. Click the down arrow beside the gear (‘Settings’) and click Settings. (Yes, I know that seems redundant.)
    2. Four tabs will appear under “Calendar Settings.” Click the second one, Calendars.
    3. The top section will be My Calendars, and the bottom will be marked Other Calendars. In the Other Calendars section, click the link at the far right to Browse interesting calendars.
    4. On the top right of the page, click Add by URL under More Tools.
    5. Paste the link from step 1.4 above, click the box beside Make the calendar publicly accessible, and click Add Calendar.
    6. The full calendar may not pull right away (ours only pulled team meetings at first). Google will sync with the intranet calendar shortly and keep it updated for you.