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Getting your KW Profile Score to 100%

I get asked about profile completeness at least twice a week, so I decided to post the score factors here. TIP: The easiest way to get to these is to click “Profile,” then the Edit located under “Other / My Referrals.” Your “Referral” profile actually brings up both your referral information AND your White Pages entry on the same screen, saving you from going through the “My KW Info / White Pages” and the “Other / My Referrals” sections separately.

Here are the items in your profile and the percentage points each carries:

Weight Field Name Notes
 Referral section
0% Team Name
5% Specialties Include all possible ways of searching (i.e. ‘e-Pro’ & ‘ePro,’ or ‘LGBT’ & ‘GLBT’ – and even ‘gay and lesbian’ for good measure.)
1% Designations Remember: REALTOR *is* a Designation.
1% Slogan
5% Service Areas Name as many areas as you possibly can.
1% Languages Yes, Virginia, English and Spanish do count.
3% Referral Notes Are you willing to take referrals? Pay competitive referral fees?
0% Loss Mitigation Resume
White Pages section
10% Image And PLEASE don’t be pretending to talk on the phone…
5% First Name First letter capitalized, the remainder in lower case…
5% Last Name First letter capitalized, the remainder in lower case…
5% Street 1 Abbreviations accepted, periods not required (i.e. – 100 W Main St)
0% Street 2
5% City
5% State/Prov
5% Zip/Postal
5% Business Phone
0% Home Phone
5% Mobile Phone
5% Text/Carrier
0% Fax
2% Country We ARE an INTERNATIONAL company now!!!
0% Gender
0% Salutation
5% Biography
0% Display URL
3% Facebook URL Preferably for your BUSINESS Page, and ONLY the last segment – and no ‘…’
1% Twitter URL ONLY your username – no ‘@’ or ‘…’
3% Blog URL Unlike the previous two, the full URL.
5% Display for customers Should your profile be available for customers to find you, or would you prefer to be a “Secret Agent?”
10% Email

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