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Who owns eEdge?

Did you know eEdge is OUR product? Sure, the trademarks & copyrights belong to KWRI, but the product is OURS because we have a voice in the direction of the company and therefore in what eEdge becomes.

Two points that are often misunderstood or overlooked:

A) eEdge is not a company, it is a system which facilitates the unprecedented sharing of proprietary information & engineering between multiple independent third-party companies, and provides those combined services to you as a Keller Williams agent at an INCREDIBLE value.


2) The user experience is very dynamic, based on what WE, as agents, want to see. Ever thought, “It would be nice if eEdge had / did / could…” and a month later log in to find that eEdge has / does / can…? It’s because every Keller Williams agent has the ability to suggest features and vote on features suggested by others.

eEdge started with one primary focus: Putting the agent’s 20%…

up front


in your face

…to reduce distractions – all while saving you money. That’s why there isn’t a “Financials” section like there is in another “Top” database program; using your customer relations management system to assign costs to every part of a transaction isn’t in your 20% — it’s a distraction.

Your Agent Technology Council provided KWRI Tech staff (who are highly skilled, extremely devoted, and seriously undervalued) with a real-world understanding of how an agent’s top 20% plays out in today’s technological environment, then folks like myself came in as pre-Beta testers to give it a second look and report bugs or request changes on things we thought would give you a better product. The culmination of that collective expertise was launched at last year’s Family Reunion. Since then, you have as much input into the direction of eEdge as anyone else.

I’ve been working on computers for more than a quarter of a century and the one thing I know better than technology is human behavior. The success or failure of any new product / service rests mostly on the shoulders of the end user. If the end user likes it, she gets excited about it, and becomes an evangelist for it, the people she convinces to get on board will overlook a HUGE amount of errors & deficiencies. If, on the other hand, the end user digs his heels into the ground, convincing himself that he doesn’t like it & it doesn’t work, his negativity will taint the perceptions of everyone around him.

So if you’re not absolutely thrilled with everything about eEdge, stop cursing the darkness and light a flippin’ candle already!!!

Go to the eEdge collaboration page and look at the items suggested, then determine what’s important to your business. Unlike Facebook, you can give items a Thumbs Up OR a Thumbs Down. If you think someone’s feature suggestion is just a cheesy waste of resources, give it a thumbs down. If you see an item you like and are constantly hearing agents say they want the same thing, then give that item a thumbs up and send the link for it to all the other people who have ‘wished for’ (read: griped and/or complained about) that feature.

Why am I so fired up about this? Because there are over 75,000 agents using eEdge and the item which as received THE MOST votes has a total of 1,059. That’s just over 1% of users contributing their thoughts.

Folks, it’s like voting – If you don’t go to the poll, don’t complain about what you get.


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