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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Change your info

Can you tell me whose information is shown below?

No, you can’t. Because the agent hasn’t changed anything. Since search engines see this EXACT same content on 60,000-70,000 websites, it’s similar to you receiving 60,000-70,000 emails with the same content. What do we call that? SPAM! Do you want your website to be considered SPAM?

eEdge website with unchanged info

This is what your website looks like if you haven't changed anything.


Password Security

My friend Jason Alcock over at Kardon Technology wrote a phenomenal post about password security. The *only* thing I would suggest specific to real estate is making the password 8 characters. I’ve found several sites that limit the password to 8 characters.
In his post, Jason identifies several critical points which I have always encouraged friends & colleagues to consider, including:

        – Do you use regular words that can be found in a dictionary as a password?
        – Do you use only letters or only numbers as a password?
        – Do you use a child’s name or a pet’s name as a password?
        – Do you use passwords that contain readily available personal information that could be found on MySpace or another social site?
        – Do not use one repeated password for all access that you need. Split them up to separate your data. Use one password for the Windows login, one password for company logins, and one password for social websites like Facebook or email.
        – Last, but not least, be smart about password security. Do not keep passwords written down in open places. Do not talk publicly about passwords. Do not freely provide passwords through open communication like email correspondence. All of the above work can be undone through one sticky note left on a co-worker’s desk.


There is a 5-step process Jason lays out which I think is brilliant. Another option I would suggest to the “Do not use one repeated password…” tip is to have a ‘generic’ password you use on sites that wouldn’t ruin your life if someone logged in as you. The generic password I use (and yes, I’m about to violate Jason’s rule about talking publicly about passwords) is based on the website. I use the first 4 letters of the site and a consistent set of 4 numbers. It’s very easy to remember and using ‘targ2532’ on, ‘ajco2532’ on AJC Online, and ‘yout2532’ for YouTube adds an extra layer to your security. So that’s a Business password created from a word that relates to your business, a Personal password created from a word representing your personal life, and a generic password that is specific to the site.