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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Campaigns and Groups and Projects, Oh My!

Those of us who teach eEdge usually encourage agents to follow the KISS principle when launching touch campaigns. The problem is that we sometimes forget to tell you the why behind the what. Create a group named ”33-Touch,” select the 33-Touch campaign from the Design Gallery and give that campaign the name … hold onto your hats for this surprise twist … ”33-Touch.” Hopefully that shocker didn’t cause too much anxiety. This strategy does work great in a classroom setting and for agents whose attention span needs eEdge to shift automatically. Some of us, though, prefer the power and control of a stickshift, so allow me a moment and I’ll show you where the clutch is and how to throttle to higher speed when you are ready.

If you’re familiar with Top Producer, the eEdge ‘Group‘ field is basically the same as TP’s ‘Contact Type.’ You need a “33–Touch” group for contacts you want on your (brace yourself) 33-Touch program. Once you have that group set up and running, there may be subset groups you want to identify. For example, you may be a Starfleet Academy Devotee and alum, as are most of your ‘Advocates’ and many ‘Tier 1’ contacts. You may consider creating a “S.A.D.” group to make it easier when you get ready to send out the annual Starfleet Ensign’s game schedule. Lets face it, that would be a heck of a lot easier than trying to cross-reference for contacts whose address contains ”Mothers Basement” and whose company contains ”Radio Shack.” Maybe you’re farming an area with a vibrant community core, replete with spring flings and fall festivals. Perhaps they’re tight-knit enough to actually know the name of more than 4 people in the community. Create a group named “Kirkenwoodville” and add all of the residents of Kirkenwoodville. If you really get inspired, you might create a 12×12 to send out or to post on a domain you buy just for this purpose.

One thing I would highly recommend – in the way I recommend you be driving south if you’re on the southbound side of an interstate – is that you create your groups in advance of uploading your contacts. If, however, you already have your contacts in eEdge, its no big deal to create the group and add people to it. Its just easier to sort out your database into smaller groups and upload in chunks / groups. That method also makes it easier to clean up your database as you go and break the elephant into smaller bites (Q: How do you eat an elephant? A: One bite at a time.).


Your client stays informed, so should you!

You’ve implemented touch plans. Market Leader / Imprev sends you an email in advance of your 33-Touch newsletter so you can edit and customize it. The only rub? It goes to your webmail and unless you happen to notice that little number beside “Webmail” on your dashboard, you may very well miss that 48-hour window to make it your own. And then there are the important notifications from Market Leader letting you know about updates and improvements to your account. How many of those back up before you notice that webmail count.

Resolution: Each database entry has three email address spaces. Since you’re already in your database (you are, right?) Open your contact record and add ‘’ as your own secondary address and ‘’ as your third address. Now, when Imprev sends a notice that your touch is about to go out, it’ll come to you as an email alert just like an email from a client – and it’ll show up right there in the middle of your dashboard when you log in. The same goes for those Market Leader updates. Imagine! Now the product that was built to put you in control of your business & keep you informed ACTUALLY WILL!