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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Positioning eEdge to a skeptical audience

Our office voted ‘No’ on eEdge because the information our ALC received was very cryptic & because they’re admittedly a bit of a skeptical group. The way it came across (before I got involved) was that KWRI was going to provide us with a product we hadn’t asked for, provided by companies they wouldn’t disclose, and charge us for it whether we liked it or not. That was no fault of KWRI or our technology team, it was just a breakdown in communications. Since I know the people involved in our tech group at KWRI, I knew that anything they did was going to be first-class, a tremendous value, and any providers thoroughly vetted.

When the announcement came through that eEdge had been approved, I began looking at the service partners and realized that an individual agent would pay $20/month to sign up for DotLoop. Obviously a full office would get it for a bulk price that would break down to a significantly lower per-agent cost, but that didn’t help my cause – so I didn’t bring it up. Seeing the DotLoop price and knowing how ‘green’ the agents in my office are (plastic & aluminum recycling bins, paper recycling, etc.), I met with our leadership and informed them that we were going to position eEdge in this way:

“You, as agents, wanted to go paperless. It’s good for the earth, it’ll save you on printing, copying, & faxing, and it will save you time scanning and emailing documents. No more running around at the last minute because the lender needs an amendment. The cost for this service is $20 per agent per month. HOWEVER, KWRI has leveraged our agent count with DotLoop and gotten them to reduce it to $15 for you. You’ll save more than that not having to deal with the paper issues, and we can save money on our E&O insurance. Now, *if* you are interested in a customer relationship manager (CRM) that handles your touch programs with very little effort, KWRI has gotten that for you for free from Market Leader. *If* you are interested in some professionally-designed marketing pieces, they’ve also secured a relationship with Imprev at no cost to you. You can choose to take advantage of the services Market Leader and Imprev provide if you choose, or ignore them if you want, even though we believe you’ll definitely like what you see. The only thing that will be required to keep the office on the same platform is the $15/month for DotLoop.”

You’d be surprised how attitudes changed with this new positioning. It’s all about finding what is important to our ‘clients,’ in this case internal clients. If you’ve met any resistance due to lack of technical skills or any other reason, how did you overcome it?


eEdge vs eEdge with Professional Add-on

Should you get the Market Leader Pro Add-on?

Well, it depends on your needs and your web presence.

If you are ‘old-school’ and don’t really use a lot of technology in your touch programs, and you don’t necessarily want to drive traffic to an impressive, informational website, you should probably save the money and use it for stamps and stationery.

However, if you want to leverage technology in your touch programs, and you want your leads and clients to see your website as the only source they need for the information they need to find the right house, you should definitely consider the professional edition.

(Full disclosure: I’m a geek. I do not get any type of benefit from you choosing one option over the other. I simply want to convey why I chose to go with the Professional Edition.)

Differences visible to the public

When I first activated my eEdge account, I went with the basic account. While I was assisting another agent who had gone pro, I quickly noticed the visible difference. There are many things that aren’t visible from the public’s perspective, but the things that are visible definitely stand out. As for the visible difference on the website, consider these two property listings, with the changes that I can see bordered in gold:

Items not visible to your leads/clients

Allow me to translate “marketing-speak” to “agent speak.” I’m using Market Leader’s information, and interpreting the best I can, so please forgive me if I’ve misread something. The changes they highlight are as follows:

  • “Deluxe” listing packages, which have brochures, flyers, and postcards that have been coordinated to produce a consistent brand.
  • Unlimited virtual tours with text, photos and music. This is available ala carte for $49 (or maybe $99 – I can’t fully recall) each.
  • Extended library of eNewsletters and eCards.
  • The ability to create custom campaigns, in addition to the stock 33-Touch, 12-Touch, and 8×8’s available. This allows you to change the dates when your items deploy as well as what gets deployed.
  • Craigslist posting service.
  • The ability to embed a search widget into your other sites, such as your blog, email signature, etc.
  • Expanded list of available website themes.
  • Additional search fields and “search by map” options on your website.
  • A selection of vanity URL’s already secured by Market Leader. (personal note: I got “” – HOW COOL IS THAT?)
  • The option to add “Featured Partners” to your website (translation: sponsorship opportunities!)
  • Customizable email templates.
  • The addition of an RSS feed alert for new leads,
  • The ability to access your database, schedules, tasks, etc. from your smart phone. (To me this is a HUGE advantage!)
  • Detailed customer information, including the number of times they’ve seen specific properties, when they last accessed the site, which ones they’ve saved, etc. (Personally, if I can see that a lead or client has viewed the same home 5 different times, I know that I need to be picking up the phone ASAP!)
  • Performance management allows you insight on your close rate, unsubscribe rate, etc.
  • Site activity monitoring, allowing you to see where your leads are finding you so you can better play “red-light, green-light” with your marketing dollars.

Have you discovered any other differences that I’ve missed? Let me know.


I’m just as guilty as anyone else of including an acronym in a post without spelling it out. In an attempt to help my dear friends & followers actually READ some of the things found online, I wanted to start a rolling list of frequently used acronyms. This will also (hopefully) help my brother, who periodically texts me with “What does ____ mean?” This post will be frequently revised – since new acronyms get generated every few minutes.

BF / GF – Boyfriend / Girlfriend

BIL / FIL / MIL / SIL – Brother-in-law, Father-in-law, … you get the picture

BTW – By The Way

B/W – Between

D/T – Due To

FTW – For The Win (Taken from a popular game show, it is commonly used to indicate victory in a debate, or to indicate that the referenced item is recommended)

IMHO – In My Humble Opinion. (Although, sometimes I’m being polite and my opinion is not-so-humble and more I-know-what-I’m-talking-about…but that acronym is too long.)

LMAO – Laughing My Arse Off

LO – Loved One

NP (or N/P) – No Problem. (Sometimes used as “you’re welcome”)

RTFM – Read The Friggin’ Manual! (commonly used when someone has asked a question that is answered on page 2 of the Owner’s Manual for the respective device.)

SO – Significant Other (aka – husband, wife, fiancee, partner, etc.)

T/Y – Thank You!

TTYL – Talk To You Later (aka “goodbye”)

Y/W – You’re Welcome

What others have you read that you don’t understand? What others have I not listed?>